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ROKR Spaceport 3D Puzzles Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzles Building Kits

ROKR Spaceport 3D Puzzles Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzles Building Kits


Introducing the ROKR Marble Spaceport

Get ready for the ultimate challenge with the ROKR Marble Spaceport, the latest addition to our line of 3D wooden puzzle marble models! With 472 pieces, this intricate puzzle is designed to test even the most seasoned enthusiasts. Are you up for the challenge? Share your completion time and impress everyone with your skills! As an upgrade from the Marble Night City LGA01, the Spaceport LGC01 offers the flexibility of switching between manual and electric automatic modes, delivering a whole new level of excitement.


Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our 3D puzzle designed for adults and teenagers. Discover exclusive features like the Transparent Acceleration Spiral and Vertical Reciprocating Lifting Stairs, powered by gravity to send metal balls on an exhilarating loop through the marble run. Once you've completed the 12*10*9-inch gear transmission mechanism puzzle, you'll be eager to showcase it to your friends!


 Everything you need for assembly is included in the accessory package, eliminating the need for glue. Our detailed instruction manual makes identifying parts and following steps a breeze. Crafted from high-quality plywood and acrylic board in striking black-grey hues, the Spaceport is visually captivating. Explore the physics behind the movement trajectory of the ball as it navigates through the puzzle.


With its space-themed design and textured packaging, the ROKR Marble Spaceport makes a thoughtful gift choice. Whether you assemble it with family, loved ones, friends, or classmates, it's sure to enhance hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking skills. At ROKR, we believe in learning through play and aim to ignite the joy of DIY with our 3D wooden puzzles.


 If you encounter any assembly questions or require replacement parts during the building process, rest assured that ROKR has you covered. We're committed to providing solutions and guidance every step of the way.

ROKR Spaceport 3D Puzzles Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzles Building Kits

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